Tera comes on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year

According to the announce made by En Mass Entertainment, the MMORPG action game, Tera will come later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Unlike some MMORPG predecessor or contemporaries, Tera will use especially what they call a combat action system. Players must maintain the characters in constant motion and try to reach ideal positions to surround the enemy and to strike hard, not just wait for them to exhaust their powers with occasionally hitting - new game details.

The trailer for this game if ready for Xbox One and PS4 and it shows us that Tera is really a pure action game, in a big world, in a fantastic world, full of epic battles and characters designed for action.

Although initially the game was released as a fee, was later transformed in a free-to-play model. The version that will come on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will also be places in the same category, free-to-play, but of course, like all game that fall into this category, Tera will have some limitation for the free accounts.

Some of these limitations will be encountered in Trade Broker (the store and the auction store), where players with free accounts will have access only to a small part of the things available here, while Elite (the subscribers that will pay 14.99 US dollars/month) will benefit from individual elements or account improvements. The differences between a free account and an Elite account can be compared by visiting the official website of the game - visit game site.

Regarding the control of the game, the publisher said that the game was rebuilt from the ground, in order to accommodate different control schemes. If you own a Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, you can register for the beta version of the game. At present there is no official release date for the beta and even less for the actual launch of the game. Until the official launch, you can all play Tera on your PC, for free by downloading the game directly from the developer's page or Steam. - click to play